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My First - Electronica

Following training from Boris Berlin on the Skill Share website, I created my first electronica track.

This was a really fun project. Using free music software from MAGIX, a selection of samples used in various old drum and bass tracks and some movie vocals, I was able to create my very own tribute to 90s electronica. Listen to the results below.

It was nice to get some constructive feedback from Boris via Skill Share as well.


- Lip gloss vocal: incredible hulk movie

- Charlie vocal: from the public service video used by the Prodigy on Charlie.

- The Flow: From B-side of 12" single The Flow (R&S, RS 95070, 1995), used by Alex Reece on Pulp Fiction

- Space Funk: used by Krust on Check Dis Out

- Put Your Love: by The Fatback Band on Raising Hell (Event 1975) used by Reprazent on Morse Code.

- Other samples from MAGIC Music Maker.

Thanks to for all the samples and references.



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