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Charity - Tool Shed Works

Tool Shed Works is a Charitable Social Enterprise which provides young people, from all walks of life, with training and work within the construction industry.

As part of my volunteer work with Tool Shed Works, I created an online Attendance Tool and also produced a set of training materials on how to build a website to help young people looking to start a career in the construction Industry.

Attendance Tool

One of the problems faced by the Tool Shed Works team was the amount of effort required to track class attendance and provide feedback to parents when young people were missing lessons. In addition, a more efficient method of tracking Customer jobs and ensuring young people had arrived on time was needed.

In response to these challenges, I created the Online Attendance Tool. This allowed young people to register class attendance by either scanning a NFC code in the class room with their phone or emailing a "secret" pin code made available in the class room.

A similar method was used to allow Customers to record late arrivals for a job via SMS.

Reports were then consolidated and, securely, made available on line to staff.

Alongside the tool I provided training and support documentation to the Tools Shed team.

Training Course - Create Your Own Website

I created a simple training course ,with a step by step guide, to help young people create an online presence to promote themselves within the construction industry.


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