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Web Design - Art Project for London Design Week

Inspired by dialogues and co-created with ceramic artist Mia Sarosi, this project is a 'surprising juxtaposition' of art with technology and was featured in the Design and Crafted Exhibition at London Design week 2015.

Linking the digital and physical worlds, this piece explores the creative analogies and tensions existing between science, technology, traditional crafts and concepts of visual beauty.

For this project, I created two QR codes which Mia hand painted in the glaze on a limited edition collection of plates. Scanning the QR codes takes the viewer to one of to websites:

Website One

Displays a simple hand painted image created by Mia. This shows the type of traditional picture the viewer might expect to see on the physical plate. Reflecting the perspective that the beauty and value of traditional arts and crafts are being eroded by modern technology and mass produced consumerism.

Website Two

The second, technology focused site, explores the beauty of science and allows users to interact with the piece and create their own designs. Titled 'Infinite Beauty Lost', the site shows a fractal. Fractals Based on a natural phenomena or mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale and can be zoomed in on infinitely. Fractals, like the world around us, are infinitely beautiful.


Building on the concept of infinite natural beauty at different levels of detail, a set of audio explores how beauty is in the eye of beholder and can be lost in translation and corrupted by technology.

Audio and text was created from an original recording of Noble Prize winning Physicist Richard Feynman, discussing how artists and scientists view the beauty of a flower in very different ways​. Playing with the concept of codes and how technology can loose natural beauty, the following process was followed:

  • Feynman audio played through google speech recognition (which creates text from audio);

  • Put the speech "recognized" text though google translate, into Welsh, Arabic etc. (loosing some accuracy in translation);

  • Put the translated text into google reader, creating speech from text, creating further audio of people speaking in the different languages, with the original meaning being gradually lost;

  • Converted the resulting text to binary and decimal numbers, reflecting how text is understood by computers;

  • Played the binary numbers through a dial tone machine (e.g. on a phone the dial tones for 1 and 0 are different) to create sound for the audio;

  • Converted the audio to a graphical wave function shown at the left hand side of the site;

  • Classical music is in the background, is the flower duet, linking back to Feynman's original observations on the beauty of flowers.


Translation Transcript

I have a friend, he is an artist, and sometimes he has taken a view - which I don't agree with very well, he would hold up a flower and say look how beautifull it is, and I would agree. See, I as an artist can see how beautifull this is, you as a scientist, oh take this all apart and it becomes a dull thing. And think that he is kind of, nutty. First of all, the beauty that he sees is available to other people and to me and to. I believe, although I might not be quite as refined aesthetically as he is, that I can appreciate the beauty of a flower. At the same time, I see much more about the flower than he sees. I could imagine the cells in there, the complicated actions inside - which also have a beauty, I mean it's not just beauty at this dimension of one centimeter it's also beauty at the smaller dimensions, the inner structure. Also the processes, the fact that.. the colours and the flower were evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it, is interesting. It means that insects can see the colour. It adds a question, does this aesthetic sense also exist in the lower forms? Does it? Why is it aesthetic? All kinds of interesting questions, which the science knowledge only adds to the excitment, mystery and awe of a flower. It only adds! I don't understand how it subtracts.Send flowers because dolphin and I think other people into me to believe that I can appreciate beauty I could imagine the Solent the complicated actions I would rather have a beauty it's not just me at this dimension 1 centimetres is also a smaller than it also the process the fact that. Because I'm The Plough At Home Farm in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting to question. Knowledge only here's to the excitement of mystery in the war about it only if I don't understand how it's a press. Paris France and something to hold of the Flies CSCS I haven't asked she has become dolphin first of all the other people and to me too I believe that I can appreciate beauty. Same time I see that much more about flowers I could imagine the soles of the complicated actions I would rather have a beauty beauty at the mention of 1 centimetres is also a smaller than its structure also the process the fact that. The colours on The Plough At Home Farm in order to attract insects department it is interesting insects to see the colour to question why is it interesting question. Which us as much only here's to the excitement of history and the War of a flower I don't understand how it's a press. ever France and something to hold of a flower it's a beautiful day as I have an arse hole take this all apartment because dolphin and I think it's kind of a lot of people and to me too I believe that I can appreciate beauty I could imagine the soul I would rather have a beauty beauty at vista mental 17. 1439331555683"> Structure of the process the fact that Structure of the process the fact that colours and the flower with all in order to attract insects department it is interested in sex can see the colour it a question. Knowledge only here's to the excitement of mystery in the war of a flower is only if I don't understand how its. 1439331589263"> Erith.Anfon blodau gan fod dolffiniaid a Rwy'n credu bod pobl eraill i mewn i mi gredu y gallaf werthfawrogi harddwch y gallwn i ddychmygu'r Solent y camau gweithredu cymhleth byddai'n well gen i brydferthwch nid dim ond fi yn y dimensiwn hwn 1 centimetr hefyd yn llai na'r mae hefyd yn y broses y ffaith honno.Gan fy mod i'n The Plough Yn Home Farm er mwyn denu pryfed i'w peillio mae'n ddiddorol i gwestiwn. Gwybodaeth yn unig dyma i gyffro dirgelwch yn y rhyfel am y peth dim ond os nad wyf yn deall sut y mae'n wasg. Paris Ffrainc a rhywbeth i ddal y CSCS Flies nad wyf wedi gofyn i mae hi wedi dod dolffin yn gyntaf oll y bobl eraill ac i mi hefyd rwy'n credu y gallaf werthfawrogi harddwch. Un pryd, yr wyf yn gweld bod llawer mwy am flodau gallwn i ddychmygu y gwadnau y camau gweithredu cymhleth byddai'n well gen i harddwch harddwch ar y sôn am 1 centimetr yn llai na'r ei strwythur hefyd yn y broses y ffaith honno. Mae'r lliwiau ar y Plough Yn Home Farm er mwyn denu pryfed adran mae'n pryfed ddiddorol gweld y lliw i holi pam ei fod yn gwestiwn diddorol. Sy'n ein cymaint yn unig dyma i gyffro'r hanes a'r Rhyfel blodyn Nid wyf yn deall sut y mae'n wasg. 決してフランスと何かが、私はお尻の穴があるため、イルカ、このすべてのアパートを取る持っているとして、それは美しい日だ花の保持するために、私はそれが多くの人のようなものだと思うし、私にはあまりにも私は私が想像できるの美しさを味わうことができると信じています魂私はむしろビスタ17精神的に美しさの美しさを持っているでしょう。 プロセスの構造事実 プロセスの構造は、色とすべてと花は昆虫部門を誘致するために、それはセックスに興味を持っているという事実は、色、それに質問を見ることができます。 ここでしか知識が花の戦争で謎の興奮にだ、私はどのようにその理解していない場合にのみです。Erith.Never something and France, because I have a hole in the ass, dolphin, as have take this all the apartment, it is in order to keep the it a beautiful day flower, I like it a lot of people to think the thing, to me too I would have a soul beauty of I rather Vista 17 mentally beauty that we believe will be able to enjoy the beauty of I can imagine. Structure The structure of the fact the process of the process, for color and all the flowers to attract insects sector, it is the fact that are interested in sex, color, you can see the questions in it. Here's only knowledge is the mystery of excitement in the war of flowers, only if I How you are not that understanding. Erith.Anfon flowers as dolphins and I think other people into believing that I can appreciate the beauty I could imagine the Solent the actions I'd rather complex beauty there is only me in this dimension 1 centimeter is also smaller than the process it is also the fact that I'm The Plough honno.Gan In order to attract insects Home Farm to pollinate it is interesting to question. Information only here in the mystery thriller to war about it only if I do not understand how it press. Paris France and something to hold CSCS Flies I have not asked for it has become the first of all dolphin others and I also I think I can appreciate the beauty. Same time, I see that a lot more about flowers I could imagine the complex actions soles I'd rather talk about the beauty of beauty 1 centimeter smaller than its structure also in the process of that fact. The colors on the Home Farm Plough In order to attract insects insect section is interesting to see the color to inquire why it is an interesting question. Which is just as much to our excitement flower War history and I do not understand how it press. نقص.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.01001001001000000110100001100001011101100110010100100000011000010010000001100110011100100110100101100101011011100110010000101100001000000110100001100101001000000110100101110011001000000110000101101110001000000110000101110010011101000110100101110011011101000010110000100000011000010110111001100100001000000111001101101111011011010110010101110100011010010110110101100101011100110010000001101000011001010010000001101000011000010111001100100000011101000110000101101011011001010110111000100000011000010010000001110110011010010110010101110111001000000010110100100000011101110110100001101001011000110110100000100000010010010010000001100100011011110110111001011100001001100010001100110000001100110011100100111011011101000010000001100001011001110111001001100101011001010010000001110111011010010111010001101000001000000111011001100101011100100111100100100000011101110110010101101100011011000010110000100000011010000110010100100000011101110110111101110101011011000110010000100000011010000110111101101100011001000010000001110101.


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